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Turkish Airlines’ Annual Bowling Tournament Semi-Finals Took Place in India

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New Delhi, May, 2024.

Turkish Airlines, one of the leading airlines in the world, is holding its Annual Bowling Tournament, the semi-finals of which have taken place at Turkish Airlines’ international hubs all around the world, including 2 cities in India, fostering relationships with its local business partners, and bringing together bowling enthusiasts. The New Delhi semi-final was held on April 19th, 2024, at Smaaash, Aria Mall Gurugram, where 30 participants competed from 10agency-preferred partners.Travel Boutique Onlinewon the tournament with 817 scores, earning the chance to compete in the Grand Finale in Istanbulon April 26-28,2024.


The Mumbaisemi-finalwas held on March 2nd, 2024, at Smaaash Utopia City, and witnessed a spirited competition. KULIN KUMAR HOLIDAYS secured victory with an impressive total score of 812. The New Delhi team will proudly represent India on the global stage at the Grand Finale in Istanbul, showcasing the nation’s bowling talent to the world.


With semi-finals held worldwide, this year the annual tournament has attracted participants from 130 cities spanning 69 countries, including India. At the Grand Finale in Istanbul, the Champion of the Tournament will be rewarded with a flight ticket and an indulgent vacation in Antalya, complementing the grandeur of the event. Additional prizes await top-ranking agencies during the grand finale, adding to the excitement of this prestigious tournament.


Started in 2012 to build bridges and connections among Turkish Airlines’ esteemed business partners worldwide, the Turkish Airlines Bowling Tournament has been delivering enjoyable experiences for all participants. Through friendly competition and camaraderie, the tournament continues to strengthen bonds between global partners.

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