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Dr Rashmi Saluja conferred the International Buddha Peace Award by the Myanmar Embassy

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New Delhi, May 27, 2024.

Dr Rashmi Saluja, Executive Chairperson, Religare Enterprises and Chairperson, GTTCI {Global Trade & Technology Council (India)}, was awarded the International Buddha Peace Award at the ‘Mahasaddhammajotikadhaja’ Title conferring Ceremony on Sunday, 26 May 2024. The ceremony that took place at the Myanmar Embassy in New Delhi was presided over by His Excellency Mr. Moe Kyaw Aung, Ambassador of the Republic of the Union of Myanmar to India.

Dr Saluja was recognized for her contributions to promoting peace and global harmony. In her acceptance speech, Dr Saluja highlighted the urgent need for peace in today’s world. She said, “In these challenging times, the need for peace is more critical than ever. India has always been at the forefront of promoting peace and harmony, both within the nation and globally. It is our collective responsibility to continue this legacy and work towards a more peaceful world.”

The event featured distinguished guests such as AbhidhazaMaharaththa Guru, AggaMahaPandita Dr AshinNyanissara, and AbhidhazaMaharaththa Guru, Dr BhaddantNyanesara, adding significant importance to the occasion. Over 150 Buddhist monks, followers, dignitaries from various embassies, and diplomats attended the ceremony.

This event reinforced the strong diplomatic ties between India and Myanmar and highlighted the shared commitment towards peace and understanding among nations. Religare Enterprises Ltd emphasized its ongoing dedication to supporting initiatives that promote peaceful coexistence. The company continues to provide platforms that highlight the shared responsibility of individuals, organizations, and nations in working towards global harmony.

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