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MediaTek Days on Amazon to Showcase Incredible Products for Everyone

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New Delhi, April 2024.

MediaTek, the world’s 5th largest global fabless semiconductor company has announced the ‘MediaTek Days’ campaign on Amazon starting from 16th April till 20th April 2024. During the 5days-longcampaign at Amazon, MediaTek will focus on democratizing technology and delivering next-gen technology solutions to the end customer. The campaign will build awareness around incredible technologies, products, and solutions powered by MediaTek in the new era of connected devices to help consumers make informed buying decisions.

The MediaTek store on Amazon opens the door to a world of possibilities for making everyone’s lives smarter and better by making great technology accessible to all. MediaTek powers the biggest brands in the world from smartphones, TVs, and smart speakers to Chrome books, Wi-Fi routers, fitness equipment and more.

Anuj Sidharth, Deputy Director, Marketing & Communications, MediaTek said, “MediaTek is consistently working towards a future empowered by the democratization of technology. Through MediaTek Days, our focus is to boost awareness and educate consumers about innovative incredible devices powered by MediaTek. In today’s dynamic digital landscape, consumers are embracing innovation and exploring new technological advancements. MediaTek Days campaign on Amazon is aimed at consumers, who can enjoy incredible experiences by choosing from a wide range of smartphones powered by MediaTek Dimensity and various smart devices powered by MediaTek.”

Ajay Sharma, Head of LCS Ads, Smartphones at Amazon said, “In Collaboration with MediaTek, Amazon is spearheading the ‘MediaTek Days,’ an initiative aimed at educating and empowering customers to better understand their devices. This campaign is designed to ensure MediaTek effectively reaches with relevant audiences spanning various consumer segments and price ranges with its diverse range of smart devices. The MediaTek Days event on Amazon is poised to capture attention and create excitement for MediaTek, Amazon, and our OEM partners.”

MediaTek Dimensity series is an ultra-efficient chip powers incredible 5G smartphones for everyone with innovative features including fully integrated 5G, brilliant gaming technologies, professional-grade imaging and multi-camera videography, latest computing architecture and advanced AI that helps everywhere. The latest MediaTek-powered smartphones available at Amazon includes Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 powered by MediaTek Dimensity 6080, Xiaomi Redmi Note 13 Pro+ powered by MediaTek Dimensity 7200-Ultra, OPPO Reno11 Pro powered by MediaTek Dimensity 8200, Lava Blaze Curve 5G powered by MediaTek Dimensity 7050, Realme 12 powered by MediaTek Dimensity 6100+, RealmeNarzo 70 Pro powered by MediaTek Dimensity 7050, vivo T3 powered by MediaTek Dimensity 7200, and vivo Y28 powered by MediaTek Dimensity 6020 among others.

MediaTek’s extensive portfolio includes the Dimensity range for 5G smartphones, Helio G series for 4G gaming smartphones, Pentonic for Smart TV technologies, Kompanio for arm-based Chromebooks, Filogic for smart Wi-Fi solutions, Genio for IoT, and Dimensity Auto for innovative automotive technologies. These products are designed to meet today’s demand,improving the user experience in live streaming,smart home experience, social media engagement, photography, gaming, and much more.The MediaTek Days campaign will help consumers to discover new devices and ideal solutions for their technology requirements.



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