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Digital Gramin Seva: India’s leading digital service provider

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New Delhi, divyarasthra. In this fast-paced and digitalized world, everyone is now dependent on digital services in urban areas but rural people still face difficulties in various services. Digital Gramin Seva (DGS) is one of the best service providers for governmental, non-governmental, and banking services in rural areas of the country. It provides 50+ services like banking services, recharge bills, travel bookings, company registrations, tax filing, and many more digitalized services that mainly focus on creating awareness in rural areas for rural people for their development.

Since 2019, DGS has continuously engaged in creating awareness among the rural people and has expanded with a customer base of 1 million in the respective years. DGS is one of the technological-driven organizations that work on the latest technology. DGS has been awarded as the ‘Best Rural Banking Service Provider’ in 2020. DGS also developed a Mini ATM which can be used for cash withdrawals through debit cards.

DGS won numerous awards and accolades over the years. The vision of DGS is to give employment to every citizen and people living in rural areas do not have to go to the bank for banking facilities. They have a mission for self-reliance, and to advance the future, they want to employ all citizens in India, especially shopkeepers in rural areas. DGS aims to become one of the top digital service providers in India and has grown from 20 to 200 employees in the respective years.

According to Mr. Om Narayan Singh, Founder of Digital Gramin Seva, IMOC Pvt. Ltd- “India is one of the vast countries that has the largest market. To make India a developed country, “Power to empower” in the roots that is the rural area is mandatory. DGS also helps one to become a retailer just with a minimal requirement of a computer or laptop, an Android device, an Aadhaar card, and a PAN card.”

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