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BNC Motors Launches First Distributor Showroom in Jaipur, Rajasthan, Marking its Foray into North India

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Jaipur, April 2024.

BNC Motors, a leading electric two-wheeler manufacturing company, has announced the opening of its Distributorship & dealership showroom in the vibrant city of Jaipur, Rajasthan. This marks the company’s entry into North India and Rajasthan for the first time, with the strategic vision to provide top-quality, rugged, and in-house designed electric vehicles for the residents of the Rajasthan State.

With a projected monthly turnover of approximately 1 crore rupees, this showroom, spanning 3000 square feet and conveniently located on TonkRoad at Morani Complex, will be operated by Lakshya Morani. The grand opening ceremony, held on the 17th of April, witnessed the presence of esteemed guests, includingMr. Vinoth, Co-founder and CTO of BNC Motors, who graced the occasion as the Chief Guest. Also in attendance was Mr. LakshyaMorani, Rakesh Maheshwari& Sunil Bangardof Legend Motors, along with other senior officials from BNC Motors.

Enthusiasts of electric two-wheelers visiting the showroom will have the opportunity to explore BNC Motors’ flagship products, including the Challenger S110 and S125 e-bikes, and in the future – The Perfetto Scooter, and The Boss NR 150 e-bike. The Challenger S110 and S125 models are currently available at the showroom, priced at Rs 1,09,299 and Rs 157,368 respectively, with the release of the rest of the products scheduled before June 2024.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Vinoth, CTO of BNC Motors, expressed, “This expansion from the Southern Indian to the North Indian market marks a momentous step for us. The state of Rajasthan and its neighboring areas hold significant importance, particularly given Rajasthan’s status as a tourism-driven state. Our entry into this region with our eco-friendly product line not only aligns with the State’s ethos of sustainability but also reinforces our commitment to catering to diverse consumer needs. Notably, this dealership showroom is intended to serve as a benchmark and going forward, it will assist us in establishing a comprehensive network across Rajasthan, guaranteeing swift coverage of every district.”

Mr. Lakshya Morani, of Legend Motors, added, “Our commitment to this venture extends beyond mere business pursuits. We envision our dealership as a catalyst for positive change, not only driving commercial success but also fostering a meaningful impact on the environment and the local community.”

Mr. Lakshya Morani brings a wealth of experience to the automobile industry, having served as Dealer Principal for Morani Hyundai. He also has extensive experience operating the Triumph Motorcycles Dealership in Rajasthan at Jaipur and recently established the Revolt dealership in Jaipur in February 2024.

The launch of this dealership showroom marks the beginning of BNC Motors’ expansion plans in the northern region of India. The company envisions a total of 300 outlets nationwide, creating over 1500 employment opportunities in the coming years.

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