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Upgrade Your Commute: 5 reasons to opt for the Tata Magic Bi-Fuel

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Jaipur, June 2024.

From the bustling streets of Uttar Pradesh to the diverse terrains of Kerala, the Tata Magic has successfully transported lakhs of passengers across the country on their last mile journeys. To further enhance this experience, the company recently launched the Tata Magic Bi-Fuel. Seamlessly blending trusted performance with a range of value-added features, this vehicle caters to the evolving needs and preferences of both drivers and passengers.


Here are 5 reasons that make the recently launched Tata Magic Bi-Fuel an ideal choice for passengers and drivers alike.


Innovative iCNG Technology: The Magic Bi-Fuel comes equipped with Tata Motors’ advanced iCNG technology, ensuring a seamless switch between CNG and petrol. This not only saves time but also reduces fuel consumption upon starting the vehicle, making it more cost-effective. Additionally, the vehicle starts in CNG mode by default, which further enhances fuel efficiency.


High Fuel Efficiency with an unmatched Range: Combining a 60-litre CNG tank with a 5-litre petrol tank, the Tata Magic Bi-Fuel offers a cumulative range of approximately 300 kilometers on a single fill. This dual-fuel system ensures one enjoys the cost benefits of CNG while having the flexibility and extended range provided by petrol, eliminating fuel efficiency anxiety and making it ideal for longer routes and varied terrains.


Lower Total Cost of Ownership: With the highest seating capacity of 9+D in its segment and features including radial tyre, gearshift advisor and enhanced driver ergonomics, the Tata Magic Bi-Fuel optimizes fuel consumption, thereby reducing operational costs. Enhanced driver safety features also contribute to a more comfortable and efficient driving experience, ultimately helping lower maintenance and operating expenses over the vehicle’s lifecycle.

Advanced Safety and Comfort: Safety and comfort, for passengers and driver remains paramount in the Tata Magic Bi-Fuel’s design.With features such as a 3-point ELR seat belt, three emergency buttons, high-quality imported CNG components, and the most spacious interior in its segment, it ensures a safe and comfortable journey for all. Whether it’s for student transport, staff commuting, or last-mile mobility, the Tata Magic Bi-Fuel delivers reliability and peace of mind.

Exceptional Warranty and Reliability: Tata Motors stands by the reliability of the Tata Magic Bi-Fuel with an exceptional warranty of 2 years or 72,000 kilometers. This assurance, coupled with the company’s promise of offering reliable and durable vehicles, ensures peace of mind for fleet owners and individual operators alike.


Choosing the Tata Magic Bi-Fuel ensures a vehicle that delivers efficiency, reliability, and comfort. Whether you are a fleet owner, an individual operator or a commuter, the vehicle is engineered to meet and exceed your transportation needs, providing a secure and pleasant ride.

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