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Celebrating Athletic Excellence: Limca Book of Records recognizes the remarkable achievements of Indian sportspersons on World Athletics Day

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New Delhi, May 2024.

Within the vast landscape of human endeavor, there exists a realm of athletics, where ordinary individuals transcend the constraints of the mundane to become extraordinary champions of motion. Athletics, in its purest form, is not merely a collection of sports or a series of events, it is a testament to the boundless potential inherent within the human form. It is the sprinter who races against the wind, the high jumper who defies gravity’s pull, and the marathon runner who conquers the limits of endurance. Each athlete, a living embodiment of dedication and discipline, dares to challenge the impossible and redefine the boundaries of human achievement.But beyond the world of competition and medals, athletics is a journey of self-discovery and self-mastery.

On this World Athletics Day, Limca Book of Records proudly honors the extraordinary triumphs of athletes etched in its pages of sports history. Since its inception, the Limca Book of Records has been a beacon of human aspiration and accomplishment, capturing the essence of unparalleled dedication and grit. Within its pages lie tales of remarkable feats, showcasing the rich history of talent across diverse athletic domains.

Among the many incredible achievements recorded in the Limca Book of Records, here are just a few noteworthy examples that exemplify the pinnacle of athletic excellence:

  • In 2023, Neeraj Chopra etched his name in history as the first Indian gold medalist at the World Athletics Championship, achieving a monumental throw of 88.17 meters in the men’s javelin final.
  • Jyothi Yarraji scripted history by clinching India’s first-ever gold in the women’s 100m hurdles at the Asian Athletics Championships in Bangkok, July 2023. Her remarkable performance, clocking 13.09 seconds, marked a significant milestone in Indian athletics.
  • Dutee Chand continues to break barriers and redefine norms in Indian athletics. As the current national champion in the women’s 100m event, she became the first Indian sprinter to win gold at the Universiade in 2019. Her courageous stance as an LGBTQ+ athlete sets a powerful example of inclusivity and resilience.
  • Rambai’s remarkable feat at 105 years of age stands as a testament to the timeless spirit of athletics, making her oldest gold medallist. Securing gold in the 100m race at the National Open Masters Athletics Championships in Vadodara, Gujarat, she proved that age is no barrier to achieving greatness.
  • Anju Bobby George’s remains an icon in Indian athletics, she is India’s only medalist at the IAAF World Championships and continues to inspire generations. Her remarkable long jump prowess has solidified her status as a role model in the athletic community. Recognizing her contributions, she was honored among other notable women achievers during the launch of the Malayalam edition of the Limca Book of Records in 2014, themed ‘Empowering Women’.

World Athletics Day serves as a symbolic reminder of the unwavering commitment athletes exhibit in their pursuit of excellence. For the Limca Book of Records, it represents an opportunity to celebrate and honor the extraordinary accomplishments of athletes from diverse backgrounds and disciplines across the globe.”said Vatsala Kaul Banerjee, Consulting Editor of the Limca Book of Records and Publisher at Hachette India.

Ruchira Bhattacharya, Senior Director, Marketing for Hydration, Sports, and Tea at The Coca-Cola Company’s India and South-West Asia Operating Unit, remarked, “At Coca-Cola India, we believe in the transformative power of sports to inspire, empower, and create real positive impact. To celebrate the accomplishments of Indian Athletes and continue to build pride amongst audiences, we pay homage to their feats through the Limca book of Records.”

The 33rd edition of Limca Book of Records upholds its themeof ‘India at her Best’. Remaining true to its legacy of chronicling Indian accomplishments, it presents a wide spectrum of other extraordinary achievements, stories of exceptional performances, and the victories of relentless achievers. Moreover, Coca-Cola India has recently partnered with the Anju Bobby Sports Foundation as part of #SheTheDifference. This collaboration signifies Coca-Cola’s commitment to empowering women athletes by offering crucial support and infrastructure.

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